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6 events in 1

Hi Korea offers wider range of opportunities through co-location with other events: CPhI for pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosages, ICSE for outsourcing, P-MEC for machinery, BioPh for bio-solutions, and FDF for finished dosages.

Hi Korea is a global meeting place for worldwide health ingredients manufacturers, traders, service providers, and other related professionals.

Including: Vitamins, Minerals, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharide/DIetary Fiber, Proteins/Peptides/Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Lactic Acid Bacteria/Yeat & Yeast Derivatives, Plant Extracts, Algal Fungi, Mushroom Extract, Phospholipids, Functional Glucide, Seasonings, Sweetners, Sourness, Gelatinising/Thickening/Stabilising Agents, Emulsifiers/Solubilizers, Flavours, Colours, Starch & Starch Derivatives, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Lubricating /Capsules/Coating Agents, Disintergrants/Binders, Organic Materials, Contract Manufacturing, etc.

CPhI Korea is the Korean marketplace for pharmaceutical ingredients buyers, manufacturers and suppliers, representing all aspects of the ingredients market.

Including: APIs, Fine Chemicals, Biopharmaceuticals, Excipients/Formulation, Intermediates, Generic APIs, Finished Dosage, Custom Manufacturing and more.

ICSE Korea connects the global pharmaceutical community with Korean outsourcing solution providers.

Including: Clinical Trials, Contract Research, Custom Manufacturing, Biotechnology, IT, Analytical Services, Packaging Services and Logistics.

P-MEC Korea brings together the global and Korean pharmaceutical machinery and equipment providers.

Including: Analytical Equipment, Automation & Robotics, Batching Systems/Equipment, Cleanroom Equipment, Filling Equipment, Filtration/Separation/Purification, Health & Safety products, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipment, Machinery, Packaging Equipment & Supplies, Plant/Facility Equipment, Process Automation & Controls, Processing Equipment, RFID, Tableting/Capsule Fillers, Testing & Measurement, Validation

BioPh Korea focuses on biotechnology and related fields offering an ideal platform for biopharma companies, drug discovery organizations, pharma manufactuerers and scientific research institutions to create new partnerships and discuss the latest trends.

Including: Biomedical Research, Generic Engineering, Antibody Engineering and Cell Engineering Products and Other Biotechnologies

FDF Korea brings every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain together in one location, from Big Pharma and CMO, to out-licensing specialists, end product distributors, end user agents and home markets.

Including: Tablets (immediate, modified release mono layered and bilayer), Capsules, Coating, Oral solutions, Sachets, Powders-blends.