CPhI Korea's Online Matchmaking System will ensure you will meet the right partners!
Activate your account and start matching.

Online Matchmaking System

How to Participate?

Visitors should 'Pre-register' and tick 'Yes' to participate in 'free-of-charge Matchmaking Programme'.
The login details will be sent to the pre-registered email address.

How does it work?

  • 01 Complete pre-registration online
  • 02 Receive login details for Online Matchmaking System in the middle of July
  • 03 Login to the system and view the profiles of exhibitors
  • 04 Send & accept meeting requests
  • 05 Arrange meeting schedule
  • 06 Meet at exhibitors' booth on time

When will I receive my login details?

Pre-registered visitors who opted for 'free-of-charge Matchmaking Programme' will be able to receive their login details in three business days after pre-registration. Please contact at cphikorea-matching@informa.com for any related enquiry.