Healthcare Industry Exhibition Hi Korea 2021 Open!

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Pharmaceutical Bio Healthcare Industry Exhibition 
Hi/CPhI/ ICSE/ P-MEC/ bioLIVE Korea 2021 
Opens for Business
81 Exhibitors from 10 Countries, Conference ·Seminar ·Business Meeting Opportunities

Global exhibition organizer Informa Markets Korea is co-hosting the Pharmaceutical Bio Healthcare Industry Exhibition “Hi Korea/CPhI Korea 2021” at COEX Hall D from October 11th to the 13th with The Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA, CPhI Korea) and The Korea Biomedicine Industry Association (KoBIA, bioLIVE Korea). Also sponsored by The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Drug Research Association (KDRA), Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA), Chungcheonbuk-do, and Cheongju Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

This year, 81 exhibitors from 10 countries (63 domestic & 18 overseas) will participate and more than 3,000 visitors are expected to participate both on-site and online to conduct business negotiations across diverse fields such as ICSE (outsourcing solutions), P-MEC (pharmaceutical & laboratory equipment), bioLIVE (biopharmaceuticals), and Hi (health ingredients).

During the exhibition a total of 22 lectures will be given in a five-session conference as well as 13 lectures/consultations in the seminars. The conferences will provide participants with information on developments about pharmaceutical, bio and healthcare industry. This year an even greater number of people are expected to participate as the conferences are entirely free of charge unlike previous years. 

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment & Technology Promotion Office Korea (UNIDO ITPO Korea) will be inviting professional counselors from government agencies in developing countries and will conduct free counseling programs to enter overseas markets. Additionally, the Korea Environmental Industry Association (KEIA) will be conducting consultations regarding the establishment of policies to respond to the Nagoya Protocol on their booth. 

◇ Attend our ‘Free Seminars’ on Pharmaceutical/ Bio/ Healthcare Industry 
During the CPhI/ ICSE/ P-MEC/ bioLIVE/ Hi Korea 2021 exhibition, seminars will show exhibitors’ new technologies, products, and research results, as well as the latest industry trends. 
On Monday October 11th, a seminar will be given by Randi Rivadianza, Deputy Director, IIPC BKPM on ‘Business Opportunities in the Emerging Economies’ Pharmaceutical industry’ and CAIQTEST Korea will be conducting customized consultations between companies. 
On Tuesday October 12th, Ace Emzyme is presenting ‘Usage of mass-produced minor ginsenosides as functional ingredients for health foods and cosmetics’ and JEIO on ‘Nano grinding and dispersing technology trend seminar. In the afternoon, a patent technology presentation on exceptional functional materials will be given by the Rural Development Administration and related organizations. 
On the last day October 13th Wednesday, Ajinomoto Genexine will present ‘Customer-tailored media process optimization services for biologics/biosimilars manufacturing’ continued by Basel Area business & innovation’s seminar on ‘Exploring the Potential European Pharma Market’. 

◇ Experts from the industry in one place, CPhI/ ICSE/ P-MEC/ bioLIVE/ Hi Korea Free Conference 
On the first day of the exhibition, Kwon Jun-wook, Deputy Minister of the National Institutes of Health at the Centers for Disease Control, will deliver a keynote speech entitled ‘Introduction of Vaccine Research Center and Strategies to support’ followed by a session on future policies & guidance for domestic vaccine development, and its status. In the same afternoon, CAIQTEST KOREA will present the ‘Strategies for responding to the import permit system in China related to health food and food’, and the Seonyul Customs Attorney Office will give a lecture on the ‘Korea-China FTA preparation process and issuing certificates of origin process in the health food and food industry’.
On October 12, the 1st BioHealth Policy Forum will be held in three parts, the Korea Drug research Association (KDRA) Innovation Policy Research Center (InnoPol), under the theme of ‘Biohealth Industry Fostering Plan of Next Government to Strengthen Global Competitiveness of Korea's Biohealth Industry’. 
The first part consists of a key sector specific approach strategy for global growth in the biohtealth industry and the second part about an approach strategy to create an open innovation ecosystem for biohealth industry thus measures to support open innovation and strengthening innovative productivity between industries, academia, research institutes, and ventures to create a global growth ecosystem for the biohealth industry. A panel discussion will next after all presentations. 
On the last day, the KPTA Forum- Case Studies of Management for Toxicity Prediction Programs, Metal Impurities and Toxic Substances seminar will be held. This will be followed by ‘Strategy for Health Supplement Foods’ seminar given by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. 
A conference program book will be given only to people who pre-registered for a conference when attending the event. Those who did not pre-register can join the session if there are available seats onsite. 

◇ CPhI Connect- Online Exhibition 
The CPhI Connect online exhibition be held over a period of 10 days, excluding weekends, from October 11-22, even during the on-site exhibition. Participants can easily gain access to exhibitor highlights, webinars, video consultations, and more business opportunities online. The following companies are participating virtually; Ajinomoto Genexine Co., Ltd., Ami Polymer, Bachem AG, DongKoo Bio&Pharma Co.,Ltd, ECHEMI, HK inno.N, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd., KLK OLEO, Metrochem API Private Limited, PharmaLinea Ltd. and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., etc. 
A hybrid booth has been prepared for international companies who could not join the exhibition physically. For three days, video meetings will be conducted for business consultations. Greenvit SP. ZO.O, a Polish Food manufacturer is participating in the hybrid booth and directing meetings through interpreters at the stand. 

◇ Status on Korean & International Exhibitors 
Despite the difficulty for international exhibitors to enter Korea due to COVID19, some have managed to participate. Leading German CMO company GfM, Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions, a Belgian pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, Estonian leading supplement good company BioCC OÜ, and Chinese pharmaceutical raw material developer Autran Bio will be directly participating and engaged for business. 
At CPhI Korea, companies Kukjeon, Navion, Daewon Pharm, Dongkook Pharm Co., LTD, Bionpak co., Ltd, BRINK'S Global Services Korea, Sungyi Pharm, CH&B, MFC, DRBio Korea Inc., Charlesriver, Caregen, Huons Global, Shandong Topscience Biotech Co., Ltd., and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) are participating. 
At ICSE Korea, Outsourcing Solutions, companies Mediaiplus, Inc., AGATHON BIO, Willog, PHIL Inter Pharma. For P-MEC Korea, DAEWON GSI CO., LTD., Micro-Flow Technology, MDL Korea Inc., SprayingSystems Co., Korea, Eppendorf Korea, Woojung Bio, JEIO, Jeio Tech Co., LTD, and for bioLIVE Korea NEXEL Co., Ltd., AceEMzyme Co., Ltd, M2CLOUD, and lastly for Food ingredients Hi Korea, Novarex, Daehan Chemtech, Medience Co., Ltd., Bio-Synetics, Inc., BST Inc., Sole Bridge Tech, Youngwoo Science, and Soonchunghyang University Technology Holding Company. 
Chungbuk Cheongju Chamber of Commerce and Industry will form a joint pavilion with TMS Healthcare, Beauty Collagen, MH2 Bio Chemical, and Korea Korus, and Daejeon TechnoPark will also participate in the exhibition with IVIM Technology, RevoSketch, CaboExpert, and Biorchestra, and the Exhibition will feature a separate booth.
Also, Cheongju Chamber of Commerce & Industry will form a pavilion with TMS Healthcare, Beauty Collagen Co., Ltd., MH2 Biochemical, and Hankook Korus Pharm. As well as Daejeon Technopark with IVIM Technology, RevoSketch, CarboExpert, Biorchestra. In this event, Daejeon Metropolitan City will be participating in a distinct booth.
The CPhI Korea/ Hi Korea 2021 will provide meaningful business opportunities between exhibitors and visitors, regardless of on or offline, and revitalize the domestic pharmaceutical bio-health functional industry during this pandemic situation. 
Visitors can visit from 10:00 to 17:00, and on the last day, before 16:00, to see the exhibition. In addition to the on-site exhibition, CPhI Korea/ Hi Korea will also host the CPhI Connect online platform at the same time. 

Detailed list of exhibitors, conference and seminar schedules can be found on the official website. (